360 Degree Review Should Be Mandatory, Not Optional

It is a well-known fact that effective leaders are the persons who can help in bringing out better outcome from the students. According to a survey done by experts it has been found out that organizations are widely using 360 degree feedback not only for employee development, but also for evaluating the performance and behavior of the employees. Thus, 360 degree feedback is often used as an assessment tool by the organizations in order to give a 360 degree review on the employee’s development opportunities.

What Is 360 Degree Feedback System?

360 degree feedback is an assessment and evaluation tool that gives feedback about an employee’s behavior and performance from subordinates, supervisors, peers, clients, as well as customers. It basically covers the competencies of an employee in a workplace.

The unique design of the 360 degree feedback system provides unprecedented opportunity for employees in order to gain anonymous and high-quality feedback from those who work with them. Well, the 360 degree review system can help an organization in many ways. It can help an organization to focus on improving working relationship, personal development, team synergy, and so on.

360 degree review

Why 360 Degree Feedback?

360 degree feedback must be made mandatory for an organization. Unlike the traditional appraisal system, this feedback system can be very helpful for an organization, especially when they want to go for yearly appraisals for their employees. Apart from that, it can help employees to understand themselves in a better way and also learn how their interaction is having any impact on others. Thus, 360 degree feedback can become a vital part of an organization’s performance, growth, and development.

Why It Should Be Made Mandatory?

The 360 degree review can help an employee to know their strengths and weakness. Once an employee learns about their weak spots, they can easily work on it. Basically, the feedback system can help in improving their skills so that it can help the employees in their professional growth. This, in turn, can help employees and the organization towards great achievements.

Apart from that, by introducing 360 degree feedback can help an organization to easily reach their objectives. They are:

  1. Targeted Development
  • If an organization wants to focus on personal and career development of their employee’s then the 360 degree review process can be very helpful.
  • It can help employees to easily discover where an employee stands and if there are any areas of improvement.
  1. Team Effectiveness
  • It can help team members to work together as a team on their goals.
  • Furthermore, 360 degree review can help to focus on team-effectiveness skills. It can help a person to improve their skills so that they can work in a team.
  • Well, it can help to create an environment where the employees can understand each other in a better way.
  1. Performance Appraisals

As it helps to give employees a perspective on how they are perceived by others. Based on the report, an accurate view can be obtained. This can result in helping employees in improving their career.

It can be stated that integrating 360 degree review system can help organization to measure the productivity of the employees. This, in turn can help an organization to become successful.