Benefits of Engineering

The work of engineers and geoscientists is both challenging and rewarding. There are countless innovative and exciting jobs across Canada and around the world for professionals in these fields. They need men and women who are bright, knowledgeable and creative.

Professional Engineers and Geoscientists work with more than just numbers, equations, rocks and minerals. They are problem solvers, visionaries and outside-the-box thinkers. They are modern-day inventors. If you are curious and creative you will excel as an engineer or geoscientist.

What engineers do?

  • Make ideas reality.
  • Apply science, math, and ingenuity to solve technical, social, environmental, and economic problems.
  • Make the most of their time and money, while making sure everything is done safely.

Why Become an Engineer?

  • Solve Problems & Design Things that Matter
  • Work with Great People
  • Make a Difference
  • Be Creative
  • Change the World
  • Make a Big Salary
  • Lots of Options